The 3 Best Big Button Mobile Phones for Elderly to Buy in 2018

The 3 Best Big Button Mobile Phones for Elderly to Buy in 2018

As more and more elderly people are beginning to find mobile phones useful, the mobile phones for elderly  is a big sell as it is both senior-friendly and less difficult to operate than the smartphones we have today. Here is a bit of advice when it comes to the best phones with a little explanation to each one.

Samsung C3595

A top mobile phone for elderly in flip style goes Samsung C3595. It boasts a flip design with rounded sides; ensuring it is easy to slip into a bag or pockets. The keypad is clear and easy to use whilst the phone itself can store up to 10 numbers that have been frequently used; making calling easier and quicker.

seniors mobile phone

S20 3G

The seniors mobile phone is made specifically for the elderly with the evident feature being the big button . These are both simple and easy to read and use, without the need of glasses. The buttons on the cell phone can be pushed with simplicity and without giving the user too much stress. Other handy features include loud speakers, FM radio, video player, Bluetooth, and a long battery; eradicating the need to be charged over and over again.

Easy Mate+ Seniors Phone

Big Button Mobile phone for elderly

The Olitech EasyMate Big Button Mobile phone is our top pick among all other mobile phones for seniors. It has the simple features with Big buttons as well as 3G network connection, camera, Bluetooth compatibility, and talking keys. The call quality of the cell phone is brilliant and comes with a long battery, therefore does not require constant charging.

Vkworld Z2 Black – (No longer works in Australia)

The cell phone does exactly what it is designed for, which is to cater to the needs of seniors. The cell phone is small and compact ensuring it can be carried without too much trouble and can easily fit inside the pocket. The chunky buttons are clear to view and use; making it easy to use for seniors. Some of its features include a loud speaker, LED light, and quick dial contacts.

Vkworld Z2 Gold ( No longer works in Australia)

Featuring large buttons, a compact design, and a speaker that’s loud, the Vkworld Z2 comes in gold and packed with all these features including many more. With this cell phone, no one will have to compromise on being able to use a cell phone to speak to their loved ones AND independently. Our cell phone has made it easy to achieve this as it is designed with the elderly in mind.